Food for thought links


James Twyman

I met James personally and he is a great guy to know, he does such fantastic work to the planet.

I recommend his books,too!


My dear friend's site of amazing, versatile resources. When you have a lot of time, schroll and explore!

Inspiring site if you like to know more of the celestrial ralms and what is happening energetically to our planet.

Real food for thought and often very apt.

Please note, sometimes it is better to scan the pages, rather than read it all, as it can be too overwelming.

Edwin 'jump started' me on my journey years ago, I was blessed to be involved in his Reiki Master/Teacher training.

He works directly with all the other realms (Ascended masters, Angels, and much more)

I like his attitude of taking anything he says as 'a cup of tea': "have a sip, taste it, if you like it have some more,

if not discard it, don't take anything I say as gospel, use your integrety".

He also helped greatly with various personal chanellings when I needed guidance. I trust him fully!

Unfortunately i lost touch having moved to Cornwall.

Inspiring site for daily sayings, horocopes and lots more you can subsribe to. It is on my toolbar!

If you hear of 'the secret', this is an invaluable site to keep you on your path and self empowerment



Great various recourses on the celestrial plane, jewlery, artists etc....

'My 50 things to do in my lifetime'

If you drawn to life coaching, this site is inspiring.